Frequently Asked Questions


Can I drink The MenoShake alongside HRT?

The MenoShake has been formulated to be compatible with HRT, and to date, no interactions have been found between oestradiol and the ingredients included in The Menoshake. However, if you are unsure, we recommend that you consult your primary healthcare provider before taking a nutritional supplement alongside HRT. 

Can I drink The MenoShake instead of HRT?

Yes, absolutely. The Menoshake, contains so many ingredients which have been included to support women during menopause. However, we advocate HRT and would always recommend that you consult your healthcare provider to discuss your menopause symptoms, in order to establish whether you should be considering HRT as a form of treatment. 

Will The Menoshake benefit me Post-Menopause?

There is no reason why you should not drink The MenoShake if you have already been through the menopause since all of the ingredients are safe to consume and have many health benefits over and above supporting menopause health. The blend has been formulated to include nutrients beneficial for women over forty.

Can I drink The MenoShake as a meal replacement?

Yes, the MenoShake can be used as a meal replacement since it contains plant proteins, marine collagen and highly fibrous ingredients such as psyllium husk and flaxseed, that help to satiate the appetite, aid digestion and naturally support the feeling of fullness after a meal. Whilst the shake only contains 75 kcal per 25g serving, when mixed with milk or water the shake can keep you full for several hours. Many of our customers have told us that having The Menoshake for breakfast keeps them full until lunch” to highlight real world experience.

Does The Menoshake have weight-loss properties?

In addition to the inclusion of plant proteins and the highly fibrous ingredients psyllium husk and flaxseed, may help to satiate the appetite and provide a feeling of fullness, the shake also includes green tea extract which can help fat to metabolise, energy expenditure and metabolic rate. It also contains cinnamon bark extract which helps to facilitate digestion and make you feel more energetic.

Do you have other flavours of The MenoShake? 

Yes, we currently offer the MenoShake in a delicious chocolate flavour (with added marine collagen), and a lovely vanilla flavour (a vegan blend with added pre and probiotics).

How much protein do I need? 

According to the Dietary Reference Intake report for macronutrients and Rolfes et al 2006, National Academy of Sciences 2004, Phillips 2006 sedentary women aged 18-50 require 0.75 to 0.8g protein per kg of body weight each day. There are also increased needs for those on a vegan diet where the needs rise to 1g/kg. However, there are certain periods in a woman’s life when there is an increased need for protein. For example, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Younger women who work out may also need additional protein in their diets, depending on how much exercise they do on a regular basis. Similarly, protein is extremely important as women age. Women in the menopause see a decrease in muscle mass. Extra protein in their diets can help to avoid this.

What kind of protein do you use in The Menoshake? 

The MenoShake is a blend of ProEarth Pea Protein Isolate, ProEarth Brown Rice Protein Isolate, and, in the Chocolate Collagen blend it also includes marine collagen peptides sourced from sustainable sources.

Can I drink The MenoShake if I am vegan/have food allergies? 

Yes, the Vegan Vanilla blend is Vegan, made from 100% plant based sources

The MenoShake is Lactose Free, Non-GMO and whilst it does not contain gluten, it is manufactured in a facility that may process gluten and so we cannot guarantee that it is gluten free and therefore may be unsuitable for coeliacs

Can I use The MenoShake in smoothies or other recipes? 

Yes, absolutely! Apart from the normal way of mixing The MenoShake with either milk or water, there are many other ways you can enjoy the MenoShake. Why not try mixing it with coconut water instead of milk for a lighter shake? Or you can mix the powder into a fruit smoothie blend, mix with natural yoghurt to have for breakfast or make into delicious protein balls. Here is a great recipe that we have tried, but there are plenty of other similar recipes out there for you to try.


When is the best time of day to drink my MenoShake? 

You can either have your MenoShake as an addition to, or replacement to breakfast, or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up snack, or immediately after a fitness workout as part of your post workout recovery.

How quickly should I see results? 

That's actually one of the hardest questions to answer as it really depends on your starting point. Some people notice a difference almost immediately and for some, it takes longer. We always recommend taking a supplement for at least 12 weeks for it to start being really effective although you will undoubtedly start to notice results before that.

Is BOMIMO a sustainable brand? 

Yes, our shakes are only made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Our packing is currently reusable; however, we will be moving to a recyclable pouch later this year in order to make our products 100% sustainable. We decided not to include a scoop inside each pouch as are striving to be as sustainable as possible.

How do you source your ingredients? 

Our manufacturer has over 22 years' experience in quality and sourcing and they are the leading supplier of nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, food & beverage, animal nutrition and health & wellbeing industries in the UK. They are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality nutritional ingredients to make the best possible products. This mission starts by ensuring that high standards are met at every step of the supply chain. They import nutritional ingredients from all over the world and hold stock of over 2500 materials on-site. They bring the newest ingredients to market, drive trends and are constantly looking forward to supplying products that meet the demands of consumer-driven marketplaces.

How do you formulate your products? 

 All of our products are formulated by a team of expert registered nutritionists, lead by highly regarded registered nutritionist Shona Wilkinson (www.shonawilkinson.com) who works closely together with our manufacturing team to ensure that the ingredients are specifically chosen and combined to create delicious and efficacious products.

Can I amend, cancel or return my order? 

Please see to https://bomimonutrition.com/pages/refund-policy for more information

What is the shelf life of The MenoShake?

The MenoShake has a 24-month (2 year) shelf life from the date it was packed. Please check the date on the side of the pouch before consumption to check that it is still within its shelf life.

How do I measure the single serving? Does the pouch come with a serving scoop?

We decided not to include a scoop inside each pouch as are striving to be as sustainable as possible. However, we’d recommend you use a normal dessert spoon and measure this out accurately the first couple of times to make sure you are mixing the right amount in order to ensure optimal taste and texture.