Taking our Shakes

Firstly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for purchasing the MenoShake

Did you know that only 27% of women going through menopause choose to do something about their symptoms,  so well done for taking a positive step towards feeling your best self again!

To get the best out of our shakes, we wanted to share with you, some important tips on how to take the MenoShake™.

Tip 1: Taking the Menoshake

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to take the shake. Trying not to sit on the fence, it really depends on your taste preferences. The simplest way is to add between 250-300ml of water but with so many milk varieties on offer, it's all down to your personal preference. Personally, I take it with oat milk however, feel free to mix it with other milks such as soya, almond, coconut, cashew,  cows, to name a few), or simply water if you’re not a fan of milk. Yes, these milks may slightly change the nutritional profile but the goodness your body is getting from the shake far outweighs this.

Tip 2: What to expect in the first few days

Whenever we introduce new foods into our diets our body can take a few days to adapt. The MenoShake™ contains over 30 micro nutrients, herbal ingredients and fibre so occasionally  a short term side effect can be a delicate tummy (mainly down to the Psyllium Husk and Golden Flaxseed, which have been included to support weight loss and for healthy digestion and a healthy colon). Don’t worry, this is completely natural and will pass in a few days as your digestive tract becomes accustomed to the added fibre,  and in fact, these ingredients will actually improve your digestion over time.

Tip 3: How quickly should I see results?

That's actually one of the hardest questions to answer as it really depends on your starting point. Some people notice a difference almost immediately and for some, it takes longer. We always recommend taking a supplement for at least 12 weeks for it to start being really effective although you will undoubtedly start to notice results before that.