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A grandmother and granddaughter cooking in a kitchen together.

The grandmother hypothesis is a scientific theory which has been investigated (and continues to be worked on) for several decades.  Researchers interested in evolution and reproductive capacity are trying to uncover the reason...

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The Science Behind Hot Flushes
Hot flushes can be horrendous at the best of times but the recent heatwaves have made them feel so much worse and more frequent than normal.  Yes, everyone's too hot, but when you're also dealing with a body that is working differently thanks to menopause, it's a different matter...
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A doctor holding a stethoscope against a brain.

...and what we can do about it.

Everyone who has experienced (or is currently experiencing menopause or perimenopause), can agree that one of the more challenging symptoms is brain fog.  Brain fog includes forgetfulness, trouble finding the right words or staying on track with a train of thought, and it can be a frightening experience.  Many women fear...

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A woman makes the shape of a heart with both hands over her stomach.
As the saying goes, always trust your gut.  Your gut feelings (or intuition) usually offer more insight into a situation than over-thinking does, so it makes sense that your instinctive reactions are to be trusted.  Sometimes, however, we get a different kind of gut feeling...
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A close up of some hands holding an open book against the backdrop of a field.
The words we use to talk about menopause and the related symptoms often have negative connotations, and can actually make us feel worse about our experience because of the stigma associated with terms like “hot flush”.  Here we've collated some common...
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