Here at BOMIMO®, we believe that every business has a responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. We are passionate about creating products which are not only good for our bodies but are also good for our community and environment, which is why we have worked hard to create a sustainable business!  

We have sought to work alongside a manufacturer who aims to comply with all current and future environmental legislation, prevent pollution, involve employees and contractors in their environmental programmes, and incorporates appropriate environmental factors into their business decisions.

An emphasis on good purchasing and forecasting systems means that most of their goods can be imported by sea, which has a lower carbon impact and helps to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.

Our manufacturer operates from a premises that has been designed to be environmentally friendly by minimising the energy required to run the building.

Key aspects include:
  • A 125kw solar panel system is situated on the roof of the building. The solar panels supply approximately half of the building’s annual energy consumption, saving an estimated 55,370kgs of CO2 emissions annually. This equates to a saving of around 23,753 litres of petrol.
  • Natural lighting in the warehouse combined with energy-saving LED sensor-activated lighting reduces energy usage 
Across our manufacturers site, they recycle the following:
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Ink cartridges 

All suitable kitchen and product waste are sent for anaerobic digestion, taking them closer towards sending 0% waste to landfill. 

All of our Shakes have a long shelf life and use very little packaging, so they will create very little waste, and being mainly plant-based protein, will have a much lower carbon footprint than animal products.

In addition, our packaging solution is 100% re-purposable. This simple, practical, common sense use of resources benefits the environment since less materials are needed for new packaging.