Look Radiant During Menopause

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Although at times we might feel like we're radiating enough heat to keep the whole house warm, today we're talking about radiating beauty.  This time of year is when our skin can really suffer.  Dried out by central heating when we're inside, and blasted by cold winds when we venture out, our skin really takes a battering.  We're used to switching up our skincare routine with the seasons, but if you're also dealing with perimenopause you'll be facing a few more changes to your skincare style.

You've probably guessed by now that the main cause of skin (and hair) changes in menopause is a drop in levels of oestrogen and progesterone – progesterone is one of the pregnancy hormones responsible for “the glow” so it's no surprised that our skin will be dull when we produce very little of it.

Oestrogen plays a key role in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (all terms you'll have heard promoting skincare products for women our age), so of course, with less oestrogen in our systems we're going to be running low on these skin-plumping compounds.  Additionally, collagen production drops due to the ageing process regardless of menopause (it's why men get jowly as they age), but an extra 30% is lost during the first five years of the change.  We include marine collagen powder in our MenoShake to help replace some of this loss, while the vitamin C boosts the production of bright, healthy, collagen-rich skin cells.

Diet and supplements play a really important role in menopausal skincare – inflammation in the body leads to dull looking skin and the slower turnaround of shedding old dead cells to make way for new ones.  Exercise and diet are vital in managing inflammation, so that healthy salad, MenoShake, and a brisk walk are actually doing wonders for your skin, maybe even more so than an expensive cream.

Of course, we do all we can on the inside to support radiant skin but topical treatments do play a role here.  Less is more when it comes to looking after menopausal skin – so ditch the harsh scrubs and exfoliants, and steer clear of acne products if you experience a break out.  These are designed for super-resilient teenage skin, not the more sensitive, delicate skin we have.

With the MenoShake you're getting plenty of collagen from your diet, but creams and serums which contain or boost collagen are also worth using in tandem.  Look out for retinol rich products – retinol binds to retinoid receptors in skin cells which stimulates collagen production.  If you've always scoffed at this buzzwordy-sounding ingredient in skincare commercials take a look at the science behind the serums and see for yourself.  Hyaluronic acid is also just as important in restoring youthful plumpness to your skin, so look out for treatments containing this ingredient too.  There are lots of menopause specific products coming onto the market so we're spoiled for choice.

Carry on using SPF daily on your face, neck and hands (yes, even in the winter) as this will keep sun damage at bay and help prevent sunspots which are a tell-tale sign of ageing.  Don't just stick to sun protection though, use moisturiser on your whole body daily – apply it while you're still wet after a shower or bath and it will sink in quicker, locking the hydration into your skin without adding any time to your routine.

So many aspects of menopause health involve adding to your routine, so it's a relief to find that menopausal skincare is actually quite simple.  You're already getting exercise, eating a healthy diet and using our MenoShake for that all-important nutritional boost.  Sleep is something you're also already trying to improve, and these three lifestyle factors have a huge influence on your skincare.  The rest is a simple case of moisturising, sun protection and using two or three topical treatments at most.  No more harsh exfoliating, no chemical skin stripping, no more rotating jars and bottles of various lotions and potions, just a simple hydrate and protect regimen and you'll look radiant on the outside.


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