What Are Your Menopause Wins?

A menopausal lady looks at the camera with a smile on her face.

Approaching menopause, then experiencing it first-hand can be a daunting experience, a recent survey of 1,000 women found that 13% were dreading it, and 43% feel underprepared for what is ahead of them.  The survey also found that 73% of respondents felt that the menopause is often discussed with an aura of doom and gloom and that the positive aspects aren't spoken about often enough.

Here at Bomimo we like to stay positive and supportive, so we're casting our eye over some of the positive aspects of menopause to give us something to look forward to.  These are all things reported by the respondents to the poll:

  • An end to menstruation means no more buying sanitary products, washing period pants, sterilising cups or sacrificing our underwear.  We also don't have to worry about birth control (but should still use condoms with new partners).  It also means no more PMS, no more cramping, no more upset bowels in the days before a period – these are all significant wins!
  • Feeling free, more confident, and truer to ourselves.  There's something really liberating about getting through menopause.  Perhaps it's a new-found appreciation for life without the symptoms we may have struggled with, or an extension of the freedom from our menstrual cycles, but many women report feeling more at home in their own skin after menopause.  If you've struggled with confidence in the past you might be pleasantly surprised by the shift in your attitude once you're past the change.
  • Knowing your body better and feeling fitter.  Menopause forces us to get to know our bodies intimately, so we're attuned to subtle changes, which means we can be on top of any warning signs of disease.  We might also have started exercising more, or had to change the type of exercise we do and have a sustainable end enjoyable fitness regime that will keep us fighting fit for the next few decades.
  • More focus, drive and ambition.  As menopause coincides with an age where we're free of many responsibilities like child rearing or looking after older relatives, we have the time to focus on ourselves again.  It's the perfect time to make a career change, learn a new skill, start a new hobby or whatever we fancy doing. 
  • Making new friends.  It's hard to make friends as an adult but it's our friends who support and lift us up, who listen when we're having a bad day, and who inspire us to live a great life.  You'll meet people at the gym, at a walking group or other exercise class and know they're there for the same reasons.  If you start a new hobby, go back to education or pick up a musical instrument there are loads of opportunities to expand your friendship circle with like-minded people.  57% of respondents to the survey said that being able to talk to friends about the menopause made it a more positive experience.


Menopause is the beginning of a new chapter as well as the end of an old one, so it makes sense to look at the positive side.  We're not saying it's all sunshine and lollipops; 22% of survey respondents felt that menopause had been a completely negative experience due to problematic symptoms like poor sleep, fatigue and weight gain and the stigma of getting older.  It is important to recognise that menopause can be difficult – there are times when it can be overwhelming, the symptoms can interfere with your life and it's OK to feel like that – acknowledging that your feelings are valid is the first step to releasing negative thoughts and finding a positive thing for balance. 

Let us know your menopause wins in the comments below.

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