Have You Got The Guts?

A close up of a woman in a pale blue suit holding on to her midriff as if in pain.

Being an out and proud menopausal woman takes guts.  Are you brave enough to help bust the stigma which still clings to this stage of life?  We certainly are, but there's more to being gutsy in menopause; this time we're talking digestive health.

Bloating is a symptom that can become more problematic as we enter perimenopause and go through menopause.  Fluctuating hormone levels can wreak havoc with our digestion and cause water retention so keeping our digestive system healthy is really important.  One of the basics of gut health is fibre, a substance which allows our intestines to enact the task of peristalsis (waves of muscle contractions that move matter through the gut), without constipation or other undesirable effects.  Our shake contains psyllium husk extract powder, a great source of supplementary fibre, which helps to retain bulk all the way through our intestine.

Our gut microbiome, that is to say the make-up of bacteria and other organisms in our digestive system, is unique to each of us.  Not surprisingly, it is heavily influenced by our diet. It is possible to tell the kind of diet someone is eating, simply by understanding the families of bacteria in their gut. There are many simple things we can do to help support our gut health: including eating different kinds of plant-based food such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, legumes and pulses. This is one way to ensure microbial diversity (the more diverse the gut, the healthier it tends to be) as these foods contain good amounts of fibre, which can help to balance our gut microbiome and provide nutrients for bacteria. This in turn ensures that our digestive system is absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients from our food and liquid intake.

Anyone who has experienced IBS or food intolerances (which can often develop later in life) know what it's like to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of an inflamed or upset digestive tract.  As we go through menopause, we may experience some changes to what we can and can't eat. This is partly due to the changing hormone levels that can affect the speed of our metabolism.  Foods we could once tolerate can now become a problem, and the influence of hormone levels on the liver can affect this too.  Stress, decreasing levels of stomach acids and digestive enzymes, and the effect of hormone levels on the immune system can all contribute to digestive issues.  You may benefit from consulting a registered nutritional therapist to establish if you have developed any intolerances and keeping a food diary can help you identify any triggers.

There are several ingredients in the MenoShake™ that have been included because of their calming effect on the digestive systems.  Green Tea Leaf Extract, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can support weight management by helping fat metabolism, energy expenditure and metabolic rate. It can also help to maintain a healthy BMI and prevent fat accumulation. Golden Flaxseed powder contains good amounts of soluble and insoluble fibre, so can help with regular bowel movement as well as being a source of Omega-3. Fibre also helps keep us feeling fuller for longer, so can aid in weight management.

If you find that certain foods make you gassy, the Cinnamon Bark extract in the MenoShake™ helps moderate intestinal gas and comforts the stomach. It helps to facilitate digestion and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Pine Bark extract has been shown in clinical studies to reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort, as well as being linked to a reduction in other menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue and low moods & anxiety. Marine collagen powder supports the production of new tissue in the digestive system.  If you have a range of digestive issues the MenoShake™ has all the ingredients you need to reboot your gut and get it working properly again.

So, with MenoShake™ on your team you will have the guts to tackle menopause, without feeling “gutsy” in the uncomfortable, bloated way.

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