Are You Taking a Menopause Vacation?

A women sat on a bench looking out to sea on a sunny day.

When we heard the term “menopause vacation” we thought having a break from the menopause sounded like a fantastic idea, but perhaps not very attainable?  Then we read on, and found that a menopause vacation is actually a specialised spa and wellness break aimed at helping women through menopause with some pampering, some relaxation and some sisterhood.

As with many wellness trends, menopause vacations started in America, but they're on our shores too.  Nicki Phillips, founder of women's health app Niix held an event earlier this year and there are lots of options springing up for 2023.  We expect to see a lot more getaways offered by spas and retreat centres across the country as the popularity of the menopause vacation rises. 

A menopause vacation, or menopause retreat aims to combine lots of information and specialisms into one long weekend (or events up to 5 days in duration) so that women can get plenty of useful tips and experiences in one place.  With nutritionists, naturopaths, health experts and fitness instructors all leading sessions these events are a one-stop shop for all things menopause related.  Every event will be different, but you can expect input from gynaecologists, doctors, physical therapists, psychologists and mental health experts as well as practitioners of complementary therapies like reiki, aromatherapy, massage and even acupuncture,

It's not all sports classes and lectures, however, as these retreats offer social events, walks and spa treatments for some bonding, pampering, and time in nature.  Being with other women going through similar experiences can be so helpful for addressing our own menopause concerns and feeling like we are not alone, in what can feel like a very isolating time of life.

If you're finding it hard to get support from your GP, or are facing long waiting lists for specialist help, then a menopause retreat could fill these gaps and provide the support and knowledge you need at the time you need it the most.  While menopause is becoming less stigmatised and more talked about in the media, not all medical professionals have got the memo, which means some of us may need to take matters into our own hands.  A menopause vacation with doctors and gynaecologists present is the ideal place to meet your health needs in every sense.

If you're looking for a getaway on your own, or with a couple of close friends, consider booking a menopause vacation next year.  As well as a relaxing few days away from the stresses of everyday life, you'll make new friends, bond over shared experiences, and come away with practical ideas you can implement to help make your menopause an easier, and even enjoyable experience.

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