How Do You Have Yours?

Two mason jars containing chocolate menopause shakes surrounded by bananas and cocoa.

When we decided we wanted to create a natural herbal product to support women through perimenopause and menopause a shake was the clear winner out of all the possible types of product we could have made.  Shakes are easy to use and versatile enough to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of diet – while many protein shakes are best with dairy milk, we knew this would seriously impact the accessibility of it for those who prefer a plant-based option, so we ensured it worked just as well with non-dairy alternatives.  We also knew a shake would enable us to get the right amounts of each nutrient in without ending up with an enormous capsule to swallow!  Since launching, we have been really interested in the various ways our customers are mixing and drinking their MenoShake, so here are some ideas if you're looking to shake things up a bit! 

Mixing it with cow's milk and having it as a replacement for breakfast is one of the easiest ways to introduce MenoShake to your life, and we were happy to see that one customer does exactly this, and finds it keeps her going all the way to lunchtime, reducing snack cravings and helping with weight loss as a bonus side effect.  The protein powders and psyllium husk in the shake help keep you feeling fuller for longer, making it an ideal breakfast on the go.

One happy customer mixes hers with pea milk, a non-dairy drink made from split yellow peas.  This is one of the more niche products in the non-dairy milk market so we're delighted to learn that it worked well.  As a connoisseur of shakes, this customer loved the flavour – although pea milk is a new one to us, it’s good news to hear it tastes great with the MenoShake.

Almond milk is another customer-approved milk to use and although almond milk does have a specific taste, it works really well with the chocolate flavour of the shake and we expect it will be just as tasty with the vegan vanilla version coming out later this year. 

A review we were particularly intrigued by mentioned mixing the shake powder into smoothies and yoghurts, which we think is a fantastic idea for a breakfast or snack.  This inspired us to think about mixing it into the milk for our cereal or muesli for an early morning chocolate hit at the weekends.

We've tested it with soy milk, cashew milk and oat milk and it's delicious with all these options.  For an extra chocolatey version, ideal for an afternoon treat, mix it with chocolate soy or chocolate coconut milk and savour the flavour.  We're even tempted to mix it with yoghurt and freeze it so we can have MenoShake frozen yoghurt in the summer (what better way to cool down from a hot flush?) or even add it to an ice cream mix for a more indulgent treat. 

If you've created your own unique way of having your MenoShake we'd love to hear from you, and shout it from the rooftops to help other women introduce the MenoShake into their lives.

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