Introducing Our Vegan Vanilla Menoshake

A packet of vegan vanilla Menoshake with a full glass and a couple of vanilla pods.

Our chocolate flavoured MenoShake has become a vital part of the daily routine of so many women, and now we're delighted to announce that the same complete nutritional and supplemental profile is available in our vegan vanilla Menoshake too. 

Although we're big fans of everything chocolate, we know that not everyone shares our craze for cocoa, so our new vivacious vanilla option means everyone can get in on the MenoShake action regardless of taste.  Even chocolate connoisseurs don't necessarily want to taste it first thing in the morning, so the vanilla version is ideal for a breakfast shake that doesn't wake up your sugar craving early in the day.

The vanilla flavour is also ideal for all the fantastic ways you can already use the MenoShake powder, but with more versatility when it comes to adding to a fruit smoothie.  Mixed with yoghurt and frozen, the MenoShake makes a tasty and health-conscious dessert option, while you can also mix it in with natural yoghurt to have on top of fruit for breakfast or a snack.  Adding fruit to your MenoShake blend is a great way to increase your fibre consumption and get some of your five-a-day while keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

If you haven't experimented with “smoothie-fying” the MenoShake, the chocolate flavour works really well with dark fruits like blueberries, blackberries and cherries, while the vanilla flavour is well suited to bananas, strawberries and other pale fruits.  It's also delicious on its own with whichever variety of milk you use.

We've tested our vanilla MenoShake powder with a variety of milks and alternatives so we know it works with a range of mixers, but you can experiment with different options and amounts to find the consistency and texture that works for you – that's the beauty of the MenoShake being in powdered form.  It's versatile, and so much more convenient than taking all 26 active ingredients in separate ways.

Each pack contains 20 servings of 20 grams, so it's ideally packaged for working women, with a single pack lasting a full month at the office.  Keep a second package at home (perhaps one of each flavour) so you can have your MenoShake break whenever you want, wherever you are.  With just 60 calories per serving (excluding milk/alternative calories) it's diet friendly and it also supports the gut and aids digestion.

The vibrant vanilla MenoShake contains the six major vitamins that are most useful for menopausal women, plus the supplements that our expert nutritionists advise.  This includes red clover and wild yam to help with hot flushes, green tea and cinnamon bark extracts for digestive health and weight management, plus minerals like calcium and zinc for muscular and skeletal health.

We've also added protein from peas and brown rice, both excellent sources of plant-based protein that are easily absorbed by the body.  If you use a protein rich milk or alternative to mix with the shake you can be sure you're giving your body as much protein as it needs (alongside a healthy diet) – menopause can lead to a loss of muscle tone and make it harder to build more, so extra protein ensures we get the most benefit from the exercises we do. 

Our new vegan vanilla MenoShake is available on Pre-order now for a special price of just £34.99, so why not take advantage so you can see whether you prefer our new flavour, or the original chocolate.  Maybe you'll love them both! Let us know what you think by getting in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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