Maybe She's Born With It?

The back view of a woman running her hands through her long, straight brown hair.

...Maybe it's MenoShake?  We want to talk about the effect that menopause related hair loss has on women and what we can do about it.  Our hair can be considered our crowning glory and although it can be seen as a purely cosmetic concern, our hair and how we feel about the way we look plays an important part in our self-esteem and confidence.  At a time of life when we might feel a bit invisible it's vital that we feel good about ourselves and for some women that includes having a shiny mane.

Lower levels of oestrogen and progesterone lead to our hair growing more slowly and potentially falling out faster than normal.  As our oestrogen and progesterone levels drop, androgen production increases slightly.  These typically male hormones lead to a shrinking of hair follicles on the head, hastening hair loss, as well as causing some women to grow peach fuzz type hair on the face.  Stress and thyroid imbalances may also play a part, so it is worth consulting a doctor if you're concerned about the speed at which your hair is changing or if it is causing anxiety.

We have included ingredients like biotin, marine collagen and zinc in our MenoShake because, among other benefits, they are proven to be vital for the maintenance and growth of healthy hair.  Marine collagen is especially good because it improves hair condition, leading to less breakage through brushing and styling.  Vitamin C and D are also included in our MenoShake, low levels of which have both been linked to greater hair loss.

There are many products out there to treat hair loss and hair thinning, and we know that caffeine enriched shampoos are very popular.  Although more research is needed, anecdotal evidence suggests that they can promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and improving circulation in the scalp.  Consultant dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong suggests that a leave-in treatment would be more effective than a shampoo due to the amount of time the product is in contact with the scalp. 

Other styling products like argan oil, moisturising hair masks and intensive conditioners can help keep hair supple and less prone to breakage, while clever styling tricks and products can give the illusion of thicker hair.  We can all remember the sight of Rudy Guiliani sweating off his spray-on hair dye/thickening product so we ought to stay away from these spray on products on hot days or when we're working out, but they can be a useful way of giving the look of thicker hair as and when we need it.  There are even dry shampoos which cover up roots and give us an extra day without washing which can help reduce hair loss.

Keeping heat styling to a minimum can help, as can opting for a shorter style which doesn't look as thin and is immune to the problem of brittle hair breaking quickly.  Using root boosting products and drying with a diffuser or with your head tipped upside down helps add volume, while opting for curly styles also gives the look of thicker hair.  Hair extensions add volume for an instant boost, but do be aware that the way some extensions are fixed can make the problem worse in the long run by weakening your natural tresses.

If you're experiencing thinning hair then the MenoShake will ensure you're getting the best nutrients for combatting this problem, while clever styling tricks and the right products for washing and treating your hair help from a cosmetic angle, leaving your friends wondering whether you were born with that naturally bouncy hair, or whether you have had help with it.

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