Ideal Gifts for Your Menopausal Friends

Ideal Gifts for Your Menopausal Friends

Perhaps it's hearing the familiar Strictly theme tune, seeing adverts for I’m a Celeb or simply the longer, darker nights, but some of us are starting to think about Christmas.  Whether you're the super-organised person who has their cards out and stamps ready, or one of those last-minute ladies who manages to pull it all together the week before, it can help to get a few things sorted ahead of time.  Brain fog is a very common menopause symptom so it's easy for us to overlook things and then end up flustered (and having a hot flush) trying to save the day.  With that in mind, we thought it would be nice to get our girlfriend gifts sorted first.

Sleepless nights are all too familiar for menopausal people so a set of cool cotton (or silk if you're feeling flush – no pun intended!) pyjamas makes a great gift.  Cooling silk pillowcases also help provide a little comfort during difficult nights, plus they're gentle on your hair and skin.  Many people who use a silk pillowcase report they don't have bad bed-head, nor wrinkled cheeks when they wake up. 

Calming and cooling herbal teas are perfect for including in a gift hamper or stocking for women of a certain age.  Teapigs have lovely looking fabric tea bags that are a wonderful addition to a menopause care package, while sleep-promoting, cooling and calming tea blends are available in every supermarket.

A hand-held fan or one that plugs into a USB port is a thoughtful and practical gift which can be used all year round on the go, or at work.  Battery operated fans can also be useful for use at night, so you have plenty of styles to choose from to suit the needs of your friend, or her personal style.  We think the traditional paper fan is a stylish way to send a hot flush packing and with various colours and styles out there you're sure to find the ideal gift for every friend.

Cooling face mists are also a great way to recover from a hot flush and there are lots of blends on the market, some being perfect for re-energising and others formulated to promote calm and reduce anxiety.  Facial mists are budget friendly so if you're making up stockings for your closest girlfriends, these are ideal to include as you can tailor each one to the needs or personality of each friend.  Scented candles can have similar aromatherapeutic benefits and always make a lovely gift.  We might not want to soak in a hot bath if it brings on a hot flush, but burning a scented candle before bed, or during a meditation session can help promote a chilled atmosphere.

Funny magnets, keyrings and books of quotes included in a gift pack are always welcome; a well-compiled care package or Christmas stocking should have a mix of practical, edible/drinkable, indulgent, and funny items.  All these items, as well as fun pin badges and even jewellery can be found on sites like Etsy, where you're also supporting a small business.  With lots of women leaving their jobs due to menopause problems and setting up their own creative endeavours it's nice to help these women out while caring for your real-life friends.

And finally, our MenoShake now comes in a sample size option, with five individual serving sachets in each pack.  If you're assembling a selection of helpful and thoughtful presents for your menopause mob, our shake ticks several boxes and helps introduce more women to the power of our specially formulated healthy drink that provides excellent nutrition and carefully chosen supplements to help every woman at this stage of life.

We hope this has inspired you to create personal and helpful gift packages for your fellow menopausers, and get one job ticked off the list with months to spare.

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