How Men Can Experience Menopause Symptoms

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The menopause is an experience which causes massive upheaval in our lives.  With nearly a quarter of women leaving work because of the impact of their symptoms, and a shocking 13% having been put through a disciplinary procedure due to the impact of menopause symptoms on their work, it is clear that more understanding of menopause is needed.

It's not women, however, that need convincing of the often debilitating effect menopause symptoms can have, it's men.  Given the fact that men are still in the majority in leadership, management and boardroom roles this understanding needs to happen from the top down, something that is being trialled in the House of Commons thanks to MP Caroline Harris.

Menopause organisation Over The Bloody Moon have developed a menopause vest that mimics the experience of a hot flush.  This means men can experience, first hand, one of the most common and problematic symptoms that women have been talking about for decades.  At an event to raise parliamentary awareness off the HRT shortage, several male politicians donned the vest and felt what it was like to have a hot flush.

Shortly after putting the vest on, which is fitted with heating pads, former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan-Smith said “imagine making a speech in the House of Commons and suddenly getting a hot flush.  If [men] had this we'd be complaining a lot”.  Wes Streeting, shadow health secretary remarked that “it's deeply unpleasant and an enveloping heat.  How you would crack on with life I don't know.  I can't wait to take this off”.

We think this vest is a great idea; the best way for people to understand the experiences of others is to experience the same for themselves.  All too often women have been dismissed and not taken seriously when we explain how painful menstruation can be, and then how badly we can be impacted by menopause.  With the ability to experience just one symptom of menopause we could find that men take our symptoms more seriously.

Managing hot flushes often involves a multi-directional approach.  HRT can be a huge help as it regulates our hormone levels thereby reducing the severity and frequency of “power surges”.  Practical measures like wearing loose, breathable fabrics, avoiding foods that trigger hot flushes and having a fan or a cold bottle of water on you can help in the moment.  Supplements like sage and our MenoShake support your body in peak functioning, ensuring the health of your nervous system and circulation, both of which are vital in responding to a hot flush.

If only there were a way for men to experience the brain fog, the night sweats, forgetfulness, loss of confidence, poor sleep, weight gain and light-headedness that accompany menopause we'd jump at the chance to show them just how much menopause can take over your life.  Although we are heading in the right direction with menopause awareness, we need the men in our workplaces to take us seriously when we do speak up and ask for support.  If that means making them wear a heat vest then sign us right up! 






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