How To Dress Cool In Menopause

A menopausal lady appraising a black shirt in a clothes shop.

Dressing for the menopause doesn't have to mean compromising on style; we believe you can wear whatever you want, whatever your age, but if you're looking for a solution to hot flushes, Primark's new menopause range could be for you.

The fabric has been designed to help ease hot flushes by using a special cooling yarn which absorbs the heat during a hot flush, and then releases it during the ensuing chill.  This helps regulate your body temperature and prevents one hot flush triggering a whole cycle of them.  Anti-bacterial odour control technology helps keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day long no matter how many sweaty moments you have, so it is also ideal for wearing in the gym.  The material is made from recycled fibres, so it ticks our boxes for sustainability too.

The 14 piece range includes underwear, nightwear and base layers although we don't see why you couldn't wear the tank tops and t-shirts as outerwear – even the sleeveless nightdress would pass for casual wear.  Made in basic neutral colours of black, pink and white the base layers and underwear will go with your existing wardrobe to allow you to wear whatever you want without the fear of a flush being triggered by what you're wearing.  Unfortunately, hot flushes can be triggered by feeling too hot, meaning our favourite knitwear could be working against us in these colder months.  With a cooling base layer you can wear your best jumper again (and protect it from needing frequent washing thanks to the moisture absorbing properties of these base layers).

Layering is a great way to dress for the menopause and it's a style that looks good on practically everyone.  It's especially well suited to the autumn and winter as you can add warm layers to keep the chill off, but shed them quickly when you need to.  The Primark base layers provide the perfect foundation for a layered look (but can equally easily slip under a sleek outfit if that's your aesthetic).

Wrap around cardigans flatter a menopausal belly and can hide bloating, while the V neckline they create gives you lots of bare skin space where you can lose heat.  This style of outerwear is easy to slip off and back on as it doesn't need to go over your head (if there's one thing that makes a hot flush worse, it's the feeling of getting stuck in a jumper as you tear it off over your head).

Although the Primark range is made from man-made fibres, these have been specially formulated to wick heat and moisture from the skin.  Not all man-made fibres have this ability, so it's wise to stick to natural fabrics otherwise.  Merino wool is excellent for temperature regulation and it's used for mountaineering and outdoors base layers for this very reason.  Silk, cotton and linen are also breathable, cool-wearing fabrics that stop you feeling sweaty even when your internal temperature rises.  Silk flatters just about every body shape, making you feel luxe and gorgeous on the outside as well as the inside.

We might be entering the depths of the knitwear season, but with some clever layers like these menopause friendly pieces from Primark, mixed with natural fibres over the top you can sail through winter feeling cool and serene.

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